Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Triple Net Lease - Tenants in Common

Ok, so I wasn't planning on doing too much with this, but I had some positive feedback and it also helps me research my own investments. So far, for my Triple Net Leases, I've only done single family homes. However, there is another type of Triple Net Lease called a Tenants in Common or TIC. I didn't know anything about it, so I wanted to do some research and share it again.


In a Tenants in Common Triple Net Lease, you are actually part of a larger collective of investors typically investing in a larger property instead of a single home. By having the multiple investors you have more purchasing power and can buy a larger property such as an apartment complex. You still have rights to your share of the property meaning that if you decide you want to sell off your portion or whatever you want to do you can.

I haven't tried a Tenant in Common, so I can't speak on how well it compares to my current investments. However I do like to have different streams of income, so I will be looking into one of these soon. If it works out, I'll update everyone on how it goes!

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